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Ruminations: What they are all about and how to use them.
Points To Ponder
671(608)-17 Dec Jerusalem! Jerusalem! History must Conform to God’s story and not Man’s Contorted story.
670-10 Dec The Mysteries

God Manifested as Man is indeed a profound Majestic Mystery no Human Mind can Master!

669-03 Dec The Way In the World there are Many Fake Truths, but in Christ the Truth is Multi-Faceted – the Many-fold Wisdom of God.  (Cf. Eph. 3:10)
668-26 Nov If ..... Then To Live is to Die (I Cor. 15:31); To Die is to Self Deny (Lk. 9:23)
667-19 Nov Two In One

To live we need to die so that we can rise to walk with the Risen Christ in newness of life. (Rom. 6:3-11)

666(67)-12 Nov By All Means Save Some Yesterday the Floods, Tomorrow the Fire. Today be Forewarned and Ready
665-05 Nov Thou art lukewarm… I will spue thee out of My mouth.

Rev. 3:20 is often applied to the non-Christian. But the context applies it to the church! Is the letter applicable to your church and the Lord’s appeal to you?

664-29 Oct Thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead. Is it right for God-Glorifying, Bible-Based and Christ-Centred Christians to Call themselves Protestants? What are they protesting against?
663-22 Oct What Manner Of Man Is This .......? Someone has said, “If Jesus is not Lord of All, He is not Lord at all.”
662-15 Oct The Samaritan Woman At Sychar's Well While Water is Essential to Living,                                                     Jesus’ Living Water is the Essence of Eternal Life.
661(404)-08 Oct One Man One Man with God is a Multitude. (II Kgs. 6:16, 17 cf. Rom. 8:31b)
660-01 Oct Till He Come It does not matter when, but when He comes will I be ready?
659-24 Sep The Shepherd Are all Pastors Pasteurised against vice, corruption and the devil’s devices?
658-17 Sep Present .....This Is Your Spiritual Worship Christians may not worship stone idols today, but they may still idolise them in other forms.
657-10 Sep The Calves Of Our Lips Worship is the Adoring of His “Worthy-ship” and telling Him so.
656-03 Sep Received And Delivered

“God Spared not His own Son but Delivered Him up us all” (Rom. 8:32); Having Received it have we Delivered this message to the world around us?

655-27 Aug Hungry And Thirsty Eat, drink and be merry” – is this all there is to life and living?
654-20 Aug A Worm, And No Man What you are is how you treat those around you.
653-13 Aug I Am Unworthy ..... You Are Worthy

The Lord Who is Worthy has made the Christian Worthy to Walk Worthily of his Vocation and to Worship Him.

652-06 Aug Gathered Together

Is it unloving of a local Church to invoke Church Discipline today
because it is not in vogue in this modern day and age?

651-30 Jul God Sent .........

To go to serve the Lord because you think He needs you is different from His calling you and sending you out!

650-23 Jul The Divine Presence

Now the Lord may be absent in the body but ever present in Spirit with us; one day we shall be absent in the body and eternally present with the Lord. (II Cor. 5:8). Alleluia.

649(63) -16 Jul Remember Zion To know if the Bible is truly the inspired Word of God, one just has to look at its prophecies concerning the Jews and Jerusalem.
648-09 Jul I Am Crucified With Christ I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.
647-02 Jul I Am That I Am

A Simple Syllogism: God is the I AM;
Jesus claims to be the I AM. Conclusion...?

646-25 Jun When A Name Is Repeated

Does the Lord need to call your name twice before you pay heed to what He says?Or why call ye Me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? (Lk. 6:46)

645(69)-18 Jun Father .... My God ....Father

No one can ever come to or call God "Father" without going through His Son. (Jn. 14:6)

644-11 Jun They Were Bruised! Only a Bruise? But it landed the Serpent eternally in hell fire!
643-04 Jun Mary .... Anointed The Feet of Jesus True Worship is not to Receive from God but to Give to God!
642-28 May Thou Shalt Remember ............ Oft we Forget to Remember, but God Remembers to Forget.
641-21 May The Shepherd And His Sheep A Good Shepherd Feeds the Flock (I Pet. 5:2); A Bad Shepherd Feeds off the Flock (Acts 20:29)
640-14 May The Four Mothers in Jesus’ Genenalogy

No Mother can be so Sinful that the Son of Mary cannot Save! (cf. Jn. 6:37) Come to Him this Mother’s Day.

639-07 May Sing Unto The Lord

Singing is Sentimentally uplifting and can be emotionally charged.
Spiritual Singing will always uplift the Name of the Lord and not Self!

638-30 Apr I Am That I Am

God, the I AM, can make you what you were, and are, to be what He wants you to be if you just let Him!

637(65)-23 Apr I Will Spare Them

God spared not His Son to die for us, can we not, not spare our Selves to live for Him?

636-18 Apr He Is Risen ...... Today Christ is risen from the dead to live in and through me.
635-09 Apr God Is Love We Accept John 3:16. Are we prepared to Act on I John 3:16?
634(58)-02 Apr O Fools

A person need not be just a Fool one day in April; the Atheistic Fool is one for life!

633-26 Mar The Mercies of God

Or as someone has wittingly said: GRACE is Great Riches At
Christ’s Expense. 
(II Cor. 8:9)

632-19 Mar God Is Holy

Putting on of “holy” garments does not make a man holy,
but putting on of these garbs (Col.3:12-17, NKJV) does!

631-12 Mar .....Made He (God) A Woman

Even the disciples of Jesus Forsook Him (Mt. 26:56b)
but the Faithful women Followed Jesus right to the end (Lk. 23:49)!

630(63)-05 Mar Remember Zion

The Jew and Jerusalem are the barometer of Biblical prophecy.
Their Past will Point to their Potential Prospect of fulfilled Prophecy.

629(53)-26 Feb Give Thanks Ruminate like a cow and ponder like the wise owl.
628-19 Feb Father Beware of having the Devil as your Father-in-law. (Cf. Jn. 8:44)
627-12 Feb God Is Love Why Celebrate Valentine’s Love when you should Propagate Divine Love?
626-05 Feb Confess

Confess your Sins and Confess your Saviour that He be Sovereign (Lord) in your life.

625-29 Jan When The Cock Crows A Cock Clocks in the Watches. Watch and Pray. (Mk. 13:33, 35)
624-22 Jan The Beginning

Commence and Continue with Christ, and He will bring your
Christian life to Completion for you.

623-15 Jan Lifted Up

To Draw men unto Himself, Jesus must be lifted up(Jn. 12:32) on the cross and His Disciples must let Down their nets into the Deep. (Lk. 5:4-6)

622(46)-08 Jan In The Beginning Let your Resolutions Revolve around Christ and they will Resolve themselves.
621(45)-01 Jan The New Covenant

Do not walk Backwards (Facing 2016) Forward into 2017. Follow the Lord in His Footsteps Faithfully into the New Year.

620(44a)-25 Dec A Sign Unto You Are your Children more familiar with the CHRIST of Christmas or with the CLAUS of Santa? Or with the Tree on which Christ died or the Tree on which are hung Candles and Candies?
619(70)-18 Dec A Robe, A Reed and A Royal Crown

At Christmas time. Christians profess to Love the Baby Jesus, but He never grows in their Lives to be their Lord!

618(68)-11 Dec The King's Son

Are you part of the Bride, a Guest or an Outcast at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb? You can only be one of these!

617(66)-04 Dec The Shepherd

Will the Coming Christmas be Christ-Centred (as in CHRISTmas)  or Christ-Crossed out (as in X-mas) to be substituted by a Claus?

616-27 Nov Jesus Wept

Yesterday Jesus Wept for the Jews; Today the Jews are Wailing at the Western Wall for their Messiah to come?

615-20 Nov Three Important Wells Do not forget to erect your altars and dig your wells in your Christian Pilgrimage.
614-13 Nov Jesus and Peter Jesus wants our All to give us His Best.
613-06 Nov Mt. Sinai and Mt. Sion We Leave Mt. Sinai Behind and we Look forward to Mt. Sion Before us!
612-30 Oct Sit and Stand We are Seated with Christ in Heaven to Stand up for Him on Earth.
611-23 Oct The Five Loaves and The Two Fishes

Five loaves and two Fishes in the Lord’s hands can Feed over Five thousand men!

610-16 Oct The Call of the Lord, God

All believers should serve the Lord full time. Are there part-time workers?

609-09 Oct The Goodness and Severity of God Jesus Smitten once suffices to save us from all sin always.
608-02 Oct Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Birth Before Labour Pains. Is this Possible? Yet it will happen to Israel!
607(65)-25 Sep I Will Spare Them

We need not have to go as pilgrims to Mt. Moriah to worship before we die; we are already made priests to offer sacrifices as pilgrims on our way to heaven. (I Pet. 2:5)

606-18 Sep The Lord Is My Rock With the Rock as our Foundation, the Fortress on it is Invincible and Impregnable; Focus our Faith on Him and Trust Him.
605-11 Sep God, My Rock Jesus, the Petra, is certainly stronger than the Petra in Jordan.
604-04 Sep The Rock Was Smitten But Not Spoken To Those Founded on the Rock (Petra) will never Founder in their Faith.
603-28 Aug Gethsemane

In the Garden of Eden, Man disobeyed God’s Word, and he died.In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus obeyed God’s Will – He would have to die!

602-21 Aug The Olympic Games Do you Run the Race to win a Crown or the Lord’s Commendation?
601(63)-14 Aug Remember Zion

A pilgrimage to Earthly Zion today can never be compared to our being ushered into the Heavenly Sion we are heading for one future day.

600-07 Aug Four Significant Mountains in Scripture

On Mt. Sinai, the Holiness of God was Declared;
In Mt. Sion, the Hope of the Living is Designated.

599-31 Jul The Bitter Waters of Marah Murmur not at your Marahs, Look to the Lord to Enjoy your Elims.
598-24 Jul According to the Scriptures

Today we need no Place (Tomb) to Commemorate because we have a Person to Celebrate!

597-17 Jul The God of the Burning Bush

King Hezekiah…brake in pieces the brasen serpent that Moses had made: for unto those days the children of Israel did burn incense to it. (II Kgs. 18:4) Also, why is the Ark of the Covenant remain lost till today? (Cf. Rev. 11:19)

596-10 Jul The East Gate

Today many Jews Weep and Wail at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, When they should be Looking East for Jesus, their Lord and Messiah.

595-03 Jul Keep Yourselves From Idols

One day God will give up on man. Now He has not yet done so. Have you given up on God?

594(70)-26 Jun The House of the Lord The God of the universe does not Inhabit temples and church buildings on earth, but He Indwells every born-again believer in Jesus as His temple!
593-19 Jun God, Our Father Do for your Children as you would God do for you.
592(70)-12 Jun A Robe, A Reed, and a Royal Crown Today the World Rejects the King. Tomorrow the King will Reign over the world!
591-05 Jun There Is Power In The Blood There is Pardon and Power in the Blood. Avail yourself of it.
590-29 May The Lord's Pleasure

A father once said to his son when Punishing him:“I feel the Pain more than you do because I love you!”

589-22 May "Go To Hell!"

Is God so Loving that Heaven has replaced Hell andHis Holiness compromised?

588-15 May Who Is A Pardoning God? Other gods Punish Sin, Our God Pardons iniquities. How can that be?
587-08 May Thy People Shall Be My People

Do not make an Outlaw of your mother-in-law. Do not Leave her Out. Love her and tell her and your mother on this Mother’s Day.

586-01 May The Father And The Son Work We may not be saved by good works, but they can show that we are.
585-24 Apr I Am That I Am

He who Rejects Jesus and Refuses to bow his knee to Him today, will have to do so tomorrow! (Phil. 2:9-11)

584(58)-17 Apr Led By The Spirit Spirited Singing of a “Spiritual Song” may not be Spirit-led.
583-10 Apr Come Let Us Reason Together For a Holy and Loving God to Reconcile Sinful Man to Himself in the Death of His Sinless Son is indeed very Logical and Reasonable.
582(58)-03 Mar O Fools

Not all fools are foolish; sometimes we need to be fools to be wise.

581-27 Mar The Third Day

The Triumphant announcement for Today:
He is not here: for He is risen, as He said.(Mt. 28:6)

580-20 Mar Thy King Cometh

On Palm Sunday, the Jews Shouted, “Hosanna in the Highest”;
On the Lord’s Day, Christians Sing Halleluiah to the King!                    
On “Good Friday”, would you be Hollering, “We have no King, but ourselves”?

579-13 Mar Lifted Up Man’s Loathsomeness Lifted up Jesus to die! God’s Love Lifted up Jesus that Man may Live. Today, let us Lift up Jesus to proclaim, “He Lives! He Lives!”
578-06 Mar A Chosen Generation As sure as Night follows Day, so God will keep the Covenants He made.
577-28 Feb The Extra Day February 29 is an extra day of opportunity – use it wisely for eternity or abuse it wastefully!
576-21 Feb Rumination & The Remembrance Feast of the Lord When we Revere (worship) the Lord we may not be Remembering Him; but when we Remember Him we inevitably will Revere Him.
575-14 Feb The Love of God

The Vast Love of God is Verily Love that embraces all eternally.Valentine love may just be Lust for the moment that soon ends all

574-07 Feb Monkeys For The Monarch

Solomon began well. But ended badly with much gold and multiplied wives. Endure that you commence and conclude your Christian life well.

573-31 Jan His Name Is Wonderful Ponder on the Wonderful Wonders of the Written and Living Word.
572-24 Jan Continuing Steadfastly .......... It takes the “Foolishly” Wise to Recognise the “Worldly Wise” Who is Really Foolish.
571-17 Jan The Name of Jesus

“Call a Rose by any other name, it Remains a Rose”,
But The Name of Jesus must be Revered!

570-10 Jan The Cross For the Preaching of the cross is to them that Perish foolishness.
569-03 Jan All Things New - A Special New Year's Rumination Resolve this New Year to put off the old man and put on the new man.  (Col. 3:9, 10)
568a-27 Dec Unto Us and Unto You

Today many in this World live in Fear of all Sorts.
We need to hear anew the CHRISTmas message of FEAR NOT in our Saviour.

568-20 Dec A Saviour Is Born

Put CHRIST back in Christmas as the Centre of your Celebration.

567-13 Dec The Cross Bear the Cross. Be Crucified. This is the Challenge of being a Christian!
566-06 Dec Where Is Your Treasure? A treasure on earth and a treasure in heaven. Can I have both?
565(53)-29 Nov Give Thanks

Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of His, and give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness. Psa. 30:4
Rejoice in the LORD, ye righteous; and give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness. Psa. 97:12

564-22 Nov Pertinent Questions

Am I a Christian because of who I am inside or what others perceive of me from outside?

563-15 Nov Delivered Jim Elliot, martyred missionary to Ecuador, wrote in his journal: "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”
562-08 Nov The Mercies of God Mercy Forgives; Grace Forgets; Love Forgives and Forgets.
561(63)-01 Nov Remember Zion We are marching towards Heavenly Zion, but we are not Zionists!
560-25 Oct He Was ..... But He Became

Be like Jesus, this my song, In the home and in the throng;
Be like Jesus, all day long! I would be like Jesus.  - James Rowe

559-18 Oct His Preeminence You cannot give your Saviour His Pre-eminence if you still keep to your Self-eminence.
558-11 Oct The Drawers Temptations come from the Devil (Jas. 1:13-15);                             Trials come from God. (Jas. 1:2, 3). Beware to whom you yield.
557-04 Oct Bearing Fruit

A Christian is not Called to a Cushy, Cosy, Comfortable life.He has to bear his Cross and the Cross of Christ. (Lk. 14:27)

556-27 Sep The Two Goats For Yom Kippur Do not live in the Shadows when the Substance has come.
555-20 Sep At The Feet

Be at the Feet of the Lord always to learn how to bring your enemies to their feet under your feet.

554-13 Sep They fell down and worshipped Him

Worship is the Awesome Appreciation of Who God is and What He does as revealed in His Word and in His Works in doing what He Wills.

553-06 Sep Took, Take and Taken

It took all of Christ to make you a Christian; what does it take you to show that you are a Christian?

552-30 Aug Took, Take and Taken It is Right for Christians to Surrender their Rights to Christ.
551(50)-23 Jul All Things New

Beware of Doing Right Things the Wrong Way.

550-16 Aug Enduring The Suffering & The Shame Are you a CHRIST-ian – All of CHRIST and I-Am-Nothing? (cf. Jn. 3:30)
549-09 Aug Count and Choose

How do you count your earthly gains?
Rubbish, refuse, filth, garbage, trash?
or dung? Ready to give them up for Christ?

548-02 Aug Go To The Hills For Help

God must be Worshipped in the Way He reveals He is to be Worshipped, not how we think He ought to be Worshipped!

547-26 Jul Until The Day Breaks A Mountain-top Experience may Enrich but it may not Empower.
546(15)-19 Jul Overwhelmed and Overflowing

Astonishing Wisdom, Awesome Words and Amazing Works! Are you Astounded?

545-12 Jul Being Worthy

We were made Worthy IN Christ; yet we may not be Worthy AFTER Christ, or, to be Worthy is to give equal Weight to both sides of the scale. Do not be Weighed and be found Wanting.

544(45)-Jul The New Covenant

What God has instituted in His Covenants let no man modify them to meet changing cultural circumstances.

543-28 Jun As A Father

A Father and Mother have a three-fold responsibility –
to Respect their parents, to teach their children to respect their parents, and their parents’ parents!

542-21 Jun The Scene At The Cross

The girl took her life because she could not endure her cross. Jesus gave His life in enduring His cross for her and for you!

541-14 Jun None (No One) ..... But One You cannot spell GOSPEL without GO! 
540-07 Jun The Name Jesus

Call a Rose by any other name, it is still a Rose, so says a saying.But Why should a Rose be called a Thorn when it is still a Rose?

539-31 May The Memorial What we are Today is the memorial we leave behind for Tomorrow.
538-24 May Pentecost Sunday A Christ-Preeminent Church is a Spirit-Empowered Church.
537-17 May But God The “But God” often counters the bad we encounter resulting in a “And Now” for our good.
536-10 May Mother - Mothers' Day

It needs Only One Mother to Bear and Bring up Many children; Why do the Many Children Consider it a “Burden” to Care for one

535-03 May It Is Well With My Soul

When well, it is easy to say “It’s well with my soul.” When not so well, can one still say it?

534-26 Apr He Was Pierced Crucified on a Cross is a life wasted; Crucified with Christ is a life gained.
533(61)-19 Apr The Lamb That Was Slain The Sheep that is well-fed will not stray away; one that is fed-up will!
532-12 Apr The Creatures At The Cross of Christ - The Bird That Soared

Blood and Oil on your right ear, right thumb and right toe – Saved by the Lord’s, Blood and Sanctified unto the Spirit to obey God’s Word, do His Work and Walk in His Way! Glory be to God

531-05 Apr The Creatures At The Cross of Christ - The Fish That Swam Some Lazarus-es have received new life but are yet to loose themselves from their old grave-clothes!’ (Jn. 11: 44)
530-29 Mar The Creatures At The Cross of Christ - The Lamb That Was Slain As Lamb, He gave His life on the cross for His Sheep!
529-22 Mar The Creatures At The Cross of Christ - The Dogs That Were Silenced

The Silence of the Dogs demonstrated the Power of God (Exo: 11:6); The Silence of the Sheep illustrated the Submission of the Son. (Isa. 53:7) Both the Dogs and the Sheep were at the Cross!

528-15 Mar What Are They Among So Many? A Humble Beginning in the Hands of God may Bring Back Huge Returns
527-08 Mar Four Dimensions of Divine Love If God says So, who are we to say No!
526(45)-01 Mar The New Covenant

God’s “I Will’s” are “Yea and Amen”; Will your Will to know and trust them and do His Will always.

525-22 Feb A New Song of Thanksgiving on an Instrument of Ten Strings

Ruminate for the Day and Reflect for the Week to keep step with the Lord.

524-15 Feb The Sheep, The Goat, The Ram, and The Lamb

There is a difference between Material Prosperity and Spiritual Prosperity! Choose ye this day which you want!

523-08 Feb God Is Love

Love Suffers Long. Is this what you are committed to when you fall in love?

522-01 Feb Behind God's Back

Which Matters More – for us to see God or for God to see us?

521-25 Jan Water From The Well

The Heart that has a Well that Wells up into eternal lifecan always say It is Well with my Soul.

520-18 Jan God Sent His Angel/s

God sends an angel to see to your needs; will you be an angel to see to the needs of others?

519-11 Jan The Father ... The Son ... The Spirit ... Sent ...

And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? (Rom. 10:14, 15, NKJV)

518-04 Jan Why? ..... Why?

Ours is not to Fathom Why, but in Faith to Trust and Obey that the One Who knows the end from the beginning can do no Wrong

517 - 28 Dec Year's End Statement of Gain and Loss

What does your life’s balance sheet for the passing year show – Loss or Gain? (Phil. 3:7, 8; Mt. 16:26)

516(96)-21 Dec Unto Us and Unto You A Christmas without Christ is just a meaningless Celebration of Commercial Xmas!
515-14 Dec Prepare The Way Of The Lord

Many are Preparing to Celebrate Christmas this season, but few are prepared to Commit to the Christ of CHRISTmas.

514-07 Dec The Songs in Scripture

Singing the Blues may not Drive the Blues away; But Singing in the Spirit will Definitely Lift one’s spirit

513(15)-30 Nov Overwhelmed and Overflowing Ever Wonder at the Wisdom of God in the Wee things around us?
512-23 Nov He Was Pierced

Wounds normally heal over time. The pierced Wounds of Jesus remain with Him past time. Have you ever Wondered Why?

511-16 Nov The Least and The Great

Today Mega is the Watchword. Mikro is of minor importance. Yet the Lord ever emphasizes on the Micro to achieve the Mega.

510(63)-09 Nov Remember Zion The Christian is not an earthly Zionist but he is heading towards a heavenly Zion
509-02 Nov Not Guilty Yet Pronounced Guilty The Just Jesus died for the Unjust that God may be Justified to forgive the Unjust. One just has to believe it!
508-26 Oct Seated At The Table

Ever Stand Up for your Faith and Sit Down in Fellowship with the Saints.

507-19 Oct Peter Remembered When I want to Remember, I forget. What I want to forget, I remember. [Cf. Rom. 7:19, 24, 25:- For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do… O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?  
I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
506-12 Oct Jesus Sat Down

Jesus Sits that we may Stand…and Step out (Walk) …but not Sleep!(Cf. Mt. 26:39-43)

505-05 Oct Ishmael or Isaac? God spared Isaac, but God spared not His Son for us! Rom. 8:32
504-28 Sep God Remembered The Past is gone; the Present and Future are in your hands.
503-21 Sep Maranatha Free, yet choose to be the Lord’s Slave to Serve Him because of Love.
502-14 Sep The Trees Treasure the Trees. Enjoy your God-given Environment.
501-07 Sep The Lord Lay Down His Life

To Lay Down Your Life for the Brethren on Earth is
To Lay Up for Yourself Treasures in Heaven.
(Matt. 6:19-21)

500-31 Aug The 500th Rumination

We plead with the Lord that we need Him for our hours, but often keep the moments for ourselves!

499-24 Aug The Lord Lay Down His Life

Jesus did not Commit Suicide but when He Completed His Mission, He decidedly Committed His Spirit back to His Father.   Lk. 23:46, NKJV

498(62)-17 Aug The Lord's Loving Kindness

It is often said that one should be kind to animals.
Today there is a great need for one to be kind to one’s fellow human beings too. Love is behind all kindness, for love is kind. (I Cor. 13:4)

497-10 Aug Was Jesus A Ghost?

Are you Afraid of Ghosts? Pay Heed to the Holy Ghost’s Appeal:
Wherefore, as the Holy Ghost saith, To day if ye will hear His voice, Harden not your hearts…   (Heb. 3:7, 8)

496-03 Aug Seven Saying of Jesus on the Cross

The greatest Tragedy of all time was when Sinless Jesus was Slain by Sinful Man. The greatest Triumph of all time was when He rose from the dead and gave life to all believing men. Now He can Turn your personal Tragedy into Triumph. Trust Him.

495-27 Jul Seven Times Seven

Are you at sixes and sevens today? God promises He will deliver you from them. Job 5:19

494-20 Jul The Place

In the fast pace we live in in this world we need a place to rest and a home we can call our own!

493-13 Jul The Lord's Eleven

Aim for Gold with a Goal to Glorify God in life.    (Eccl. 12:13)
Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

492-06 Jul The Sinful Durian

Be a Rose among Thorns (Friendly and Forgiving even when provoked), Not a Thorn among Roses, not being Fiendish to your Friends.

491-29 Jun The First Day of the Week

Honour the Lord with your Firstfruits, and He will Honour you with Fruit, More Fruit and Much Fruit. (Jn. 15:2-16)

490-22 Jun Who Can Charge Us? Can [a man] enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born? Or can he who is born again be unborn?
489-15 Jun A Headless Chicken & A Sinful Son This Father’s Day let the Spirit Fire that Spark in your life and head back to your Heavenly Father (and earthly Father as well) and to your Family. Be no more a Headless Chicken.
488-08 Jun The Father Loves His Son Seize the opportunity to tell your dad that you love him today and every day that follows, and dad tell your children you love them too. Above all, all of you tell your Heavenly Father.
487(64)-01 Jun Behold!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How do you behold the Lord?

486-25 May No Temple in Heaven That my body is the temple of the living God is Mystifying and Mind-boggling!
485-18 May The Women in Jesus' Life

It has often been said that.........The Head of the Woman is the Man, but the Woman is the Neck!

484-11 May Mary, The Mother of Jesus (A Mothers' Day Rumination) Necessity is the Mother of Invention. A Mother Needs to be Inventive to bring up her child today!
483-04 May The Clothes of Jesus Christ Flee also youthful lusts (II Tim. 2:22). Elderly people also can be youthful again! Clothes make a Man or a Woman. How is your fashion sense today?
482-27 Apr The Body of the Lord Jesus lived to die; you need to die, to live.
481-20 Apr He Is Risen He is Risen. He is not here (tomb), but He lives in and through you!
480-13 Apr The Temptations and Trials of the Lord

Surrender to the Devil’s Temptations Weakens; Submission to God’s Trials Strengthens.

479-06 Apr His Head

On the Cross, He Cried, “It is Finished” and He bowed His Head.
In Heaven, He Challenges, “O Death, where is thy sting?” with His Head Held High.

478-30 Mar The Lord's Passover II What the Lord passed over, step not back into it.
477-23 Mar The Lord's Passover_I Jesus Prepared for the Passover. Do not we need to prepare for the Lord’s Supper?
476-16 Mar No Man ..... No Intercessor

When you intercede for yourself and for others you need Christ Jesus to succeed.

475-09 Mar Grace

G-R-A-C-E is Great Riches At Christ’s Expense Bequeathed upon you. Be Clothed therefore with Christ and put away the Rags of your Righteousness

474(57)-02 Mar Think On Me and Remember Me As one ages, one tends to forget to remember; hence, the institution of the Lord’s Supper that one may remember not to forget.
473-23 Feb Examine Yourself The Lord is worthy. We were made worthy. Let us not make ourselves unworthy.
472-16 Feb Divine Love Valentine Love Loves a Person for Oneself; Divine Love Loves a Person as Oneself.
471-09 Feb Called by a new name

Believers in Christ are called Saints…but they are also called to be Saints!     (I Cor. 1:2)

470-02 Feb His Own Way

A Horse is Strong and Speedy, qualities that make it Headstrong to rush Headlong to do its things its own way. Do not be a Horse.

469-26 Jan The Five Looks of The Lord's Supper Eve Looked Lustily and she “died”; David Looked Lustfully and he put a man to Die!
468-19 Jan Worship At The Feet It is a Spiritual Feat of much sacrifice to Follow Mary to be at the Feet of Jesus always!
467-12 Jan And Worshipped

Worship is not Asking from God; it is Appreciating and Adoring God for His Attributes and Acts and Presenting to Him gifts of our Person, Possession and Praise.

466-05 Jan Behold, All Things New Resolve to Review and Renew any of the above broken New Year Resolutions this year!
465-29 Dec All Things New The year will soon pass, only what’s done for Jesus will last.
464-22 Dec The Glory of God

The Birth of Christ makes possible His Death. Without His Death, it is impossible for the New Birth!

463-15 Dec Proclaiming The Death of Jesus

Rejoice in the Lord’s Birth, Remember Him in His Death and Revere Him in His Resurrection and Exaltation.

462-08 Dec The Lord's Kindess Sometimes we need to be Unkind to be Kind!
461-01 Dec When Jesus Had Finished

Finish the Task the Lord gives you; let Him not be Finished with you because you Fail (I Cor. 9:27b)!

460-24 Nov The First Day Of The Week The First Day of the Week should Free us from all servile Work to Worship
459-17 Nov The Passover

At the Lord’s Supper, He should be Prominent in our Remembrance and Pre-eminent in our Reverence of Him.

458-10 Nov The Blood Preach the Gospel without Blood and you have a Gospel without Life.
457-03 Nov Worthy Is The Lamb

The Lord made Himself worthy for you, are you prepared to be made worthy for Him?

456-27 Oct The Two Tables of Fellowship

Partners at the Lord’s Table Participate at the Lord’s Supper continually. They cannot be partners with the demons at their Table at the same time.

455-20 Oct The Memorial & The Monument

A Building is but bricks and mortar. A Church is a spiritual house of living stones put there by God to worship and to witness.

454-13 Oct It Is Better It is Good to believe in Christ (Jn. 1:12). It is Better to Know Him. (Phil. 3:10). It is Best to be where He is. (Jn. 14:3)
453-06 Oct God With Us God in us ensures, and assures us, that He will always be with and for us!
452-29 Sep A Follower of Christ To Follow in the Footsteps of the Saviour is to keep step with Him and not to Fall behind.
451-22 Sep The Lamb That Was Slain

A lamb is a kid of the sheep. But Jesus is the Lamb Who is King of the Sheep and they worship Him.

450-15 Sep The Feasts

A person has to choose to be Invited or Indicted to the feast prepared for him.

449-08 Sep Bondage and Freedom

God is Sovereign over all Governments. He Sets them up in His time. And He Spifflicates them too – all in His time!

448-01 Sep The Father's Will

Living people prepare a will for the time when they die. God does that (I Pet. 1:4). But He also prepares His Will for the time they live!

447-25 Aug Death

With Death Destroyed, it has lost its Sting. With Grave Defeated, the Risen Christ Reigns Supreme.

446(59)-18 Aug We Will Remember There are things we need to Remember, and others we need to Remember to Forget.
445(52)-11 Aug Double-Hearted, Double-Minded & Divided

Be one with only one heart and one mind – the mind that is in Christ Jesus to do what is in your heart for Him.

444-04 Aug The Bread & The Flesh of Jesus

The Torn Veil gives access to God; the broken down Middle Wall gives access to one another. We are now one with God and with all who are His.

443-28 Jul Do It Do what you say; and only say what you will do.
442-21 Jul Better Than The Angels Men and Women may Appear to us as Angels; but Beware - they may be the Devil in Disguise.
441-14 Jul The King Eternal God in Christ is Worthy of my Worship and "my Lord and my God."
440-07 Jul Sing, Sing, Sing Singing is the Expression of your Soul and Spirit to Speak to your Soul and Spirit.
439-30 Jun Thou Art Mine We are named and numbered to be among the innumerable hosts who belong to Him. He owns us, do we own Him?
438-23 Jun A Dying Charge-An Extended Fathers' Day Rumination The Words we use and the Works we do, our Attitudes and our Acts often reveal how we honour our Lord.
437-16 Jun Our Father

For what son is not disciplined by his father? (Heb. 12:7b) Today, is it possible that some may ask the question: For what father is not disciplined by his son?

436-09 Jun The Garments of Jesus Clothes make a Man. Consider the Clothes of the Man Jesus.
435-02 Jun Worship Him

Worship is the presentation to God of what we are because of Who He is.

434(57)-26 May Think On Me and Remember Me

To Remember to Forget is Challenging; to Forget to Remember is Sheer Carelessness.

433-19 May The Lord's Face

Moses was only allowed to see God’s back and not His face. (Exo. 33:23) But we shall see our Lord face to face!

432-12 May These Mothers - Mothers' Day Mums encapsulate all that is love; children should reciprocate/
431-05 May Render To God His Things and To Caesar His Things Seek always to do Right, and do not Right a Wrong Wrongly.
430(47)-28 Apr The Lord of the Mountains

No matter how insurmountable the mount, God has made available His eagles to help us mount.

429-21 Apr What Meaneth This ..........? Always when asked say what you Mean and Mean what you say.
428-14 Apr The Women In Jesus' Life It has often been said that .....The Head of the Woman is the Man, but the Woman is the Neck!
427-07 Apr The One and Only

Different people have different One and Only ambition, posession, loved one, etc. But all people have: “Only One life will soon be past. Only what is done for Christ will last.” – C.T. Studd

426-31 Mar Two in One - Pt.2

The Resurrection of Christ is God’s Receipt for His Son’s payment of our debt of sin. Now we are free to live with Him and for Him.

425-24 Mar Two in One- Pt.1

Jesus shed His blood to ATONE for our sins. That the TWO (God and we) may be AT-ONE with God.

424-17 Mar The Covenant Remember and revere the Lord on the Lord's Day and you will be spared from the Day of the Lord.
423-10 Mar Three and Four

Three and Four Signals foreboding Condemnation;
Seven and Eight is Complete ushering in a new Creation.

422-03 Mar The Fifteenth Day In God's Calendar Keep the Lord’s Supper and you Remember Him; Keep your own Supper and you Forget Him!
421(1)-24 Feb The Eighth Day In God's Calendar Stop living at Sixes and Sevens; Surrender your life to the Lord and Start receiving His Eights.
420(56)-17 Feb Entered Into A Covenant Even if a born-again believer lets go of his hold on his Lord, the Lord cannot let go His.
419-10 Feb The Serpent Be-Ware of the Subtleties of the Serpent (II Cor. 11:3) but Be Wise as Serpents. (Mt. 10:16)
418-03 Feb Have Mercy On Thee, Lord Jesus showed Himself no mercy that He might show mercy to sinners lost!
417-27 Jan Seeing Is Believing? To the Sinner, Seeing is Believing. To the Saint, Believing is Seeing!
416-20 Jan Even So Come, Lord Jesus

Most people prepare for expected ends in life; but few prepare for the event of His coming!

415-13 Jan See, Saw, Seen

The blind man could not see, but he saw. The Pharisees saw, but they could not see!

414-06 Jan They Presented Unto Him ....... Gold

All that Glitter is not Gold, but a Heart that loves God and His people is.

413-30 Dec Old and New Come 2013 - Be Conservative to Live out the Ancient Paths and Inclusive to Love All People.
412-23 Dec The Songs of Christmas

He was born to die that we may no more die.

411-16 Dec The Day And The Hour Revelation 2012 warns of Hell; Reverse 21 in 211212 to Romans 1212 and be filled with Hope
410-09 Dec Thou Shalt Surely Die Born once, die twice; born twice, die once.
409-02 Dec Divine Hands

A Soul Secure in the Lord’s Hands is more secure than even what Fort Knox can ever offer.

408-25 Nov Though ..... Yet

Though the end of the outer man over time is to ultimately perish,
yet the end of the inner man when spiritually nurtured matures with age.

407(55)-18 Nov Make Known His Deeds

To Be or Not To Be – that is not the Question. We need to tell Him, “Lord, let it be; let it be.”

406(54)-11 Nov The Lord Hath Lovedand He Hath

Love Gives to others; Greed Covets from others. Grace does for others what they cannot do for themselves.

405-04 Nov The Corn of Wheat For a plant to grow upwards and bear fruit, it must grow downwards.
404-28 Oct One Man

One Man with God is a Multitude. (II Kgs. 6:16, 17 cf. Rom. 8:31b)

403-21 Oct Worship The King Today God has preserved Israel for tomorrow.
402-14 Oct Good To Be Afflicted A Butterfly Struggling to emerge from the pupa Strengthens its wings to Soar high into the Sky.
401-07 Oct He Is Lord To Acclaim It is the Lord! at His coming, we must know Him as Lord of our Lives now.
400-30 Sep It Pleased The Lord

Will ever to do God’s Will – it is Good, Acceptable and Perfect,
 and it brings God Good Pleasure.

399-23 Sep With His Stripes We Are Healed Sometimes through infirmities, the Lord can transform me from being a bane into a blessing to others.
398-16 Sep The Blood of the New Covenant

Sometimes we prefer to seek the praise from men’s mouth rather than the “Well done” from the Lord’s lips.

397-09 Sep Forgive All My Sins

Is it possible that the God Who remembers all things can forgive and forget all our sins? Yes, it is and He does!

396-02 Sep The Stranger While we are no more Strangers with the Saints, let not Christ be a Stranger to us. (Lk. 24:18)
395-26 Aug One God & One Mediator With the One God and the One Mediator, we need no other.
394-19 Aug The One Between

Our Lord is our Adjudicator to stand between God and us, and our Advocate to stand by us against the Accuser of the Brethren.

393(48)-12 Aug The King of Kings In Israel no one could ever be a king-priest. But He is One to us all.
392-05 Aug The Singular Sorrows & Sufferings of the Lord He bore my sins on the cross that I might deny myself and bear my own cross (Luke 9:23)
391-29 Jul Save Thyself, If Thou Be......... With God there are no “If’s”. It is just “When” as in His perfect timing.
390-22 Jul Ye Do Show Revering (worshipping) Him may not lead to His Remembrance; but Remembering Him at the Lord’s Supper surely must lead to His Reverence
389(47)-15 Jul The Lord Of The Mountains

You can tunnel through a mountain or climb over it. Can you go round or remove it?  (cf. Mt. 21:21) [Apply this to your life’s problems.]

388-08 Jul The Father Sent His Son

Often a father and his favourite can give rise to feuds in the family. Likewise a mother and her favourite.

387-01 Jul The Ministry of Reconciliation If you find it difficult to reconcile with your brother/sister, perhaps you should start with the person in the mirror and find out where the fault lies.
386-24 Jun What God would do...; What God could not do..... If only we would all that we could God Could with us all that He Would.

When a believer marries an unbeliever, he/she will have the Devil as his/her father-in-law! (Jn. 8:44)

When ye be come to the land

We miss out many spiritual insights from the feasts observed in the land when we dismiss them as just mere meaningless feasts in our spiritual wilderness experience.

Bow the knee At His Judgment Seat, we shall either bow the knee to Revere   Him as we Receive our Reward or we shall bow the head in Shame with nothing to Show for our Service for Him.
It just takes a look, but the sight can make an eternal difference between right and wrong and being right or wrong.

One may be so taken up to “take” that one forgets to “give”. Jesus took that He might give!

Is Mother’s advice to be smothered in Moth-balls?

While waiting for the little while to end, ensure that you make the meanwhile worth all the while for the Lord.

The butterfly that struggles to come out of the cocoon is strong and healthy. Cut the cocoon to ease its emergence, it comes out weak and unable to fly!

Alive but Mummified – with feet unable to walk, hands unable to do and mouths unable to talk. Might as well remain dead in the grave!

To Occupy Till I Come needs us to be
Pre-Occupied with Him all the time.

Honour God with your Firstfruits, and He will give you Fruit, Much Fruit and More Fruit.

If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise. (I Cor. 3:18) Jim Elliot said: He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

Sin in us is Permitted, Sin on Us is Prohibited.

We have taken of the Bread of Life; now we need the Bread of His Word
To do His Will and to finish His Work.

Faith in God will Burn us Up for Him; Faith in Self will make us Burnt Out for Him

The rich fool sought ease for, and to please, his soul and lost it. (Lk. 12:19) For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it. (Matt. 16:25)

God Remembers to Forget our iniquities; we need to Remember not to Forget Him.

God has to swear by His Person to show how unlike us who forswear our yeas and amens.

All God’s Gifts are Perfect (Jas. 1:17) and All Things work together for Good.However, some may not be Pleasant!

Give the Lord’s Day His due, and He will honour you. Treat Sunday as a holiday, He will go on holiday!

We are Royal and Holy Priests NOT to live as paupers in slums or to scrounge among the filth of this world for our living.

The Dragon would like you to think that he is a myth. You will then be his Dead Duck! The Devil would also like you to think he is in the image of the Dragon in every form. You will then be under his spell and scared of his shadow!

363-15 Jan
Supping with the Lord
To stand and walk on our feet we need first to sit at His feet.

Life is a Journey – it has a Destination, not a Destiny.  What is the Difference and how will your Destination Define your Journey?

Determine to make a Difference in your Life and Living for this year!What You are; How you Live; What you Do; What You say – Make a Difference!

December 25 (R43) They Presented Unto Him Gifts
December 18 Jesus of Nazareth, The King of the Jews
December 11 I Am Come......
December 4 (R44) Unto Us
November 27 Jesus Learned Obedience
November 20 Hath God Forgotten?
November 13 The Table of Showbread
November 6 Lif Is In The Blood
October 30 He Gave Himself
October 23 The Blessed Hope
October 16 The Sepulchre
October 9 Life And Death
October 2 Wrapped
September 25 All Things.....Shall Be Accomplished
Sptember 18 The "Must" In Jesus' Life
September 11 Flee From Idolatry
September 4 See God......And Eat And Drink
August 28 Falling At Jesus' Knees & At Jesus' Feet
August 21 Drink The Cup
August 14 Till I / He Come
August 7 The Sweet Savour Sacrifices
July 31 Christ, The Saviour of the World
July 24, 2011 He Sat Down
July 17, 2011 Jesus The Son
July 10, 2011 Our Hope
July 3, 2011 He Opened Not His Mouth
June 26, 2011 In The Fulness of Time
June 19, 2011 Father ..... (A Fathers' Day Rumination)
June 12, 2011 Foursquare
June 5, 2011 God Loved and He Gave ..... Christ Loved And He Gave.
May 29, 2011 He Feedeth AMong The Lilies
May 22, 2011 An Instrument of Ten Strings
May 15, 2011 The Tree In The Midst
May 8, 2011 Mothers
May 1, 2011 And .....
April 24, 2011 And Certain Others With Them
April 17, 2011 From That Time Forth
April 10, 2011 One Spoon of ..... Gold, Full of Incense
April 3, 2011 A Man of Spirit
March 27, 2011 A Samaritan At The Feet of Jesus
March 20, 2011 At The Feet of Jesus
March 13, 2011 Worship (Part 3) or Worshipping at the Feet
March 6, 2011 Worship (Part 2)
February 27, 2011 Worship (Part 1)
February 20, 2011 The First Day Of The Week
February 13, 2011 God is Love
February 6, 2011 We Have a High Priest
January 30, 2011 Prosperity
January 23, 2011 A Place Called ......
January 16, 2011 Joy to All People
January 9, 2011 The Joy of Jesus' Birth and Death
January 2, 2011 Crossing River Jordan
December 26, 2010 The Song In The Night
December 19, 2010 He Shall Be Born & He Shall Grow Up
December 12, 2010 He Hath (4) ..... In Isaiah 53
December 5, 2010 He Hath (3) ..... Poured Out His Soul Unto Death
November 28, 2010 He Hath (2) ... Borne Our Griefs
November 21, 2010 He Hath (1) ... No Form Nor Comeliness
November 14, 2010 The Lord's Riches
November 7, 2010 I Thirst
October 31, 2010 In Time Past ... But Now ...
October 24, 2010 He Was Clothed ... -(Or The Lord's Garments)
October 17, 2010 What Priced Jesus?
October 10, 2010 Impossible For Men; Impossible For God!
October 3, 2010 No More; Neither ..... Nor .....
September 26, 2010 The Shepherd
September 19, 2010 Behold The Man!
September 12, 2010 Behold The Man!
September 5, 2010 Who Delivered Jesus?
August 29, 2010 It Pleased The Lord
August 22, 2010 No Man ..... No Intercessor
August 15, 2010 Remember This Day
August 8, 2010 The Fat And The Blood
August 1, 2010 What Mean Ye By This Service?
July 25, 2010 In The Garden ..... A Choice!
July 18, 2010 Enter Into His Gates ..... Courts
July 11, 2010 Common Or Unclean
July 4, 2010 Oft We Forget
June 27, 2010 A Censer Full Of Burning Coals Of Fire
June 20, 2010 The Father, Son And Children - "Fathers' Day"
June 13, 2010 Come Together Or Gathered Together
June 6, 2010 Have Not Seen, And Yet .....
May 30. 2010 And God Saw .....
May 23, 2010 The Holy Spirit And The Lord
May 16, 2010 The Lord's Hand ..... And Arm
May 9, 2010 The Call Of Two Mothers - A Mothers' Day Rumination
May 2, 2010 When They Had Sung A Hymn
April 25, 2010 On The Tree
April 18, 2010 God With Us In The Tabernacle
April 11, 2010 Eight Days After
April 4, 2010 Three "Passover" Cries - An "Easter" Rumination
March 28, 2010 Thou Shalt Eat Bread
March 21, 2010 Worship
March 14, 2010 Worship Him
March 7, 2010 Worship Him
February 28, 2010 The Song of Songs
February 21, 2010 Behold Your King
February 14, 2010 A Special Day Today
February 7, 2010 When They Saw Him
January 31, 2010 The Sin Offering
January 24, 2010 He Was Taken ........
January 17, 2010 He Was Pierced
January 10, 2010 Six Days Before Passover
January 3, 2010 The Cows and The New Cart
December 27, 2009 The New Covenant
December 20, 2009 The Lord Jesus Christ
December 13, 2009 It Is The Lord
December 6, 2009 The Lord He Is God
November 29, 2009 They First Gave Their Own Selves
November 22, 2009 He is Lord
November 15, 2009 This Do
November 8, 2009 The Table
November 1, 2009 Jesus Was Made...Jesus Made...
October 25, 2009 I Will Declare
October 18, 2009 He Took
October 11, 2009 Jehovah Jireh
October 4, 2009 The Blessing and the Blesser
September 27, 2009 Ebennzer...Jehovah Jireh (Hitherto...Henceforth)
September 20, 2009 Jesus, Wounded For Me
September 13, 2009 It Was Night
September 6, 2009 The Body Is One.
August 30, 2009 Free And Free Indeed
August 23, 2009 He Sat, He Died; He Died, He Sat.
August 16, 2009 The Foregiveness of Sins
August 9, 2009 Last of All
August 2, 2009 I Am He That Liveth
July 26, 2009 Overwhelmed And Overflowing
July 19, 2009
July 12, 2009 The Kiss
July 5, 2009 Two Grains
June 28, 2009 The Love of God
June 21, 2009 The Fathers In Jesus' Line
June 14, 2009 I'M A Child Of The King
June 7, 2009 I Know You Not
May 31, 2009 The Young Child And His Mother
May 24, 2009 Sacrifice Of A Sweet-Smelling Savour
May 17, 2009 At The Table Of The King
May 10, 2009 The Four Mothers in Jesus' Lineage (Mothers' Day)
May 3,2009 Do
April 26, 2009 When They Saw Him
April 19, 2009 Could They See Him?
April 12, 2009 He Lives
April 5, 2009 Behold ..... The Cross!
March 29, 2009 Lord Jesus of Jesus is Lord
March 22, 2009 Brought To The Cross
March 15, 2009 The Tree, The Symbol Of The Cross
March 8, 2009 The Women At The Cross - International Women's Day
March 1, 2009 Do this, Remember ME (R1)
February 22, 2009 Let me like Mary....Come with a gift to Thee
February 15, 2009 He loved....He Gave
February 8, 2009 Christ The Bullock In The Peace Offering
February 1, 2009 Christ The Bullock Sin Offering
January 25, 2009 Christ The Bullock Burnt Offering
January 18, 2009 The Day Of My Burial
January 11, 2009 Looking Unto Jesus
January 4, 2009 God's Goodness In Tough Times - A New Year Rumination
December 28, 2008 Jesus Only
December 21, 2008 Unto Us ..... Unto You
December 14, 2008 There Is No Beauty
December 7, 2008 A Man Of Sorrows, And Acquainted With Grief
November 30, 2008 What Is That To Me? ... He 's ev'rything to me!
November 23, 2008 The Soul, The Spirit, and The Body of the Lord
November 16, 2008 Jesus The Rock
November 9, 2008 The Friends of Jesus
November 2, 2008 The Resurrection
October 26, 2008 My Father, Your Father; My God, Your God
October 19, 2008 This Is My Body
October 12, 2008 The Lamb of God
October 5, 2008 Lose to Gain
September 28, 2008 Jesus Delivered
September 21, 2008 The Hands of Jesus
September 14, 2008 The Feet of Jesus (2)
September 7, 2008 The Feet of Jesus (1)
August 31, 2008 The Year of Jubilee
August 24, 2008 The Seven Seatings of Jesus (Continued)
August 17, 2008 The Seven Seatings Of Jesus
August 10, 2008 Good Works
August 3,2008 It is impossible for God!
July 27, 2008 Far And Near
July 20, 2008 O Lord My God
July 13, 2008 Come To Worship
July 06, 2008 Come and Worship
June 29, 2008 To Obey is Better than Sacrifice
June 22, 2008 Let Me Die
June 15, 2008 All things new
June 8, 2008 Thou God Seest Me
June 1, 2008 Cannot Come Down .....!
May 25, 2008 Passing over the brook KIDRON
May 18, 2008 The Feasts of the Lord
May 11, 2008 A Mother and her child
May 04, 2008 The Better New Covenant
Apr 27, 2008 The New Covenant
Apr 20, 2008 The Ordinance of the Passover
Apr 13, 2008 See, Saw, Seen
Apr 06, 2008 I am He that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am ..........
Mar 30, 2008 Bruised!
Mar 23, 2008 He Is Not Here: For He IS Risen
Mar 16, 2008 Seeing God
Mar 9, 2008 It Is Finished ..... Abolished
Mar 2, 2008 A Lamb....The Lamb....Your Lamb
Feb 24, 2008 If He Were A Prophet
Feb 17, 2008 It Is Finished
Feb 10, 2008 What Think Ye Of Christ?
Feb 03, 2008 When Jesus Breathed His Last .......
Jan 27, 2008 The Curse And The Blessing
Jan 20, 2008 Five Heavenly Hymns in Rev. 4,5
Jan 13, 2008 Lest Thou Forget
Jan 6, 2008 The Arms, Hands And Eyes Of The Lord
Jan 1, 2008 Behold, I Make All Things New
December 30 & Jan 1, 2008 Behold, I Make All Things New
December 25 Special Rumination - The Creatures At Christ's Birth
December 23 Rich But Poor
December 16 Her Sins Are Forgiven
December 9 At His Feet
December 2 The Tenth Day & The Fourteenth Day
November 25 Show Me Thy Glory
November 18 The Servant - Sovereign
November 11 For To Me To Live
November 4 Jesus Died And Rose Again
October 28 The Tree
October 21 Hanged On A Tree
October 14 Herein Is Love
October 7 The Branch
September 30 Behold!
September 23 There Are Twelve Hours In The Day
September 16 Jesus, The Resurrection And The Life
September 9 God Remembers
September 2 The Lion From The Line Of David, And The Lamb
August 26 Crowned With Many Crowns
August 19 He Bore ..... He Shall Bear
August 12 This Is The Day
August 5 Alleluia!
July 29 He Opened Not His Mouth
July 22 The Sacrifice of Remembrance
July 15 The Pit, The Prison and The Palace
July 8 Rubbish or Perfume?
July 1 Go To Galilee
June 24 The Memorial
June 17 Father Forgive (A Fathers' Day Rumination)
June 10 Think On Me or Remember Me
June 3 The Hour of the Lord Jesus - His Hour
May 27 Astounded, Astonished And Amazed!
May 20 Jesus, A Man Made God?
May 13 Jesus And His Mother
May 6 By Himself
April 29 Without/Outside The Camp
April 22 Remember Things Things
April 15 He Is Not Here!
April 8 The Third Day & The First Day
April 1 O Fools!
March 25 Gathered Unto Him
March 18 The Memorial
March 11 Deserved
March 4 This Do / Do This / Do It
February 25 One Thing
February 18 Think On Me
February 11 God Is Love
February 4 Before The Foundation Of The World
January 28 A Child ...... A Son
January 21 Let All Things Be Done .......In Order
January 14 A Hundredfold
January 7 Tears In A Bottle & Thoughts In A Book
January 1 All Things Are Become New
January 01 The New Covenant
January 08 In The Beginning
January 15 Lord of the Mountains
January 22 King of Kings
January 29 That I May Win Christ
February 05 All Things New
February 12 Blood of the New Covenant
February 19 Double-hearted, Double-Minded & Divided
February 26 Give Thanks
March 05 The Lord hath loved and He hath........
March 12 Make Known His Deeds
March 19 And They Entered Into A Covenant
March 26 Think on Me and Remember Me
April 2 O Fool
April 09 We Will Remember
April 16 The First Day of the Week
April 23 The Lamb that was Slain
April 30 The Lord's Loving Kindness
May 07 Remember Zion
May 14 Behold!
May 21 I Will Spare Them
May 28 The Shepherd
June 04 By All Means Save Some
June 11 The King's Son
June 18 Father....My God....Father
June 25 A Robe, A Reed, and a Royal Crown
July 02 Thirty Pieces of Silver
July 09 Hungry and Thirsty (Heb. 4:15)
July 16 Afar Off
July 23 The Curtain Is Rent
July 30 Faith, Hope & Love
August 06 The Crown of Thorns
August 13 Samson's Last Hours
August 20 Hungry & Thirsty (Mt. 4:2)
August 27 Tell My Father
September 03 The Word
September 10 The Garments of the Lord
September 17 Was Jesus Alone?
September 24 Eat and Drink
October 1 The Man
October 8 The East
October 15 Live or Die
October 22 Melchizedek
October 29 Christ's Victory
November 5 Two Abominations
November 12 God's Habitation of Praise
November 19 Kiss the Son
November 26 Suffering and Sin
December 3 He Is Not Ashamed
December 10 He Was Made................
December 17 In The Cloud
December 24 Unto Us And Unto You
December 31 The Last Day
Feb 27 Remember Me
Mar 06 The Women At The Cross
Mar 13 The Tree: Symbol Of TheCross
Mar 20 Brought To The Cross
Easter Sunday Mar 27 He Lives
Apr 03 Behold The Cross
Apr 10 Lord Jesus or Jesus Is Lord
Apr 17 When They Saw Him
Apr 24 At The Table
May 01 Sacrifice Of A Sweet-Smelling Savour
May 08 The Young Child & His Mother
May 15 The Love of God
May 22 Two Grains
May 29 The Kiss
June 05 Overwhelmed & Overflowing
June 12 Last of All
June 19 The Son's Gift To The Father (Fathers' Day)
June 26 He Sat, He Died; He Died, He Sat
July 03 The Song of Songs
July 10 It Was Night
July 17 The Blessing & The Blesser
July 24 He Took
July 31 I Will Declare
August 07 He is Lord
August 14 It is the Lord
August 21 The Lord Jesus Christ
August 28 On The Tree
September 04 When They Had Sung A Hymn
September 11 Have Not Seen, And Yet .........
September 18 Come Together or Gathered Together
September 25 Oft We Forget
October 02 In The Garden
October 09 A Place Called
October 16 Who Delivered Jesus?
October 23 The Shepherd
October 30 Who Delivered Jesus?
November 06 I Thirst
November 13 We Have A High Priest
November 20 And Certain Others With Them
November 27 One Spoon of ...... Gold, Full of Incense
Decmber 04 An Instrument of Ten Strings
December 11 The Sepulchre
December 18 They Presented Gifts
December 25 Unto Us
Christmas Day A Sign Unto You (A Special Rumination)

Ruminations for the Remembrance of the Lord.

        The ruminations are to prepare a believer for the Remembrance Feast. Each one will take the form of a short Biblical link or outline to lead him or her to meditate and ruminate on thoughts that will focus on the remembrance of the Lord as He commanded when He instituted the Lord's Supper - " this do in remembrance of Me. " (I Cor. 11:24, 25). Often believers find this difficult – either they allow their thoughts to stray because of “empty minds” resulting in “empty hands” being lifted that cannot Remember and Revere because of “empty hearts” which are not prepared, hence, the "silence of emptiness" at many a Remembrance Feast in many assemblies.

One condition in approaching the Lord is “they shall not appear before the LORD empty, every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD thy God which He hath given thee.” (Deut. 16:16, 17).
Note:   1. The Precondition – they shall not appear before the LORD empty
            2. The Prerequisite – every man shall give as he is able
            3. The Preparation – according to the blessing of the LORD thy God
                                             which he hath given thee
The Ruminations are based on Bible texts that will lead you to the Remembrance of the Lord. Few thoughts are given with the texts. It is expected that with further meditation on these texts, your spirit will be in tune with the Spirit Who will expand these thoughts further to lead you to Remember the Lord and Revere Him. 

How to use these Ruminations:
Before attending the Lord’s Supper, prepare your mind, heart and spirit. Spend a time of self-examination before the Lord (I Cor. 11:28). Then refer to the outlined rumination and further meditate on it seeking the Spirit’s help to expand the outline further with thoughts that are focused on the Lord.
Then go to the Lord’s Supper.

During the service, pay attention to the words of the hymns sung.  Listen carefully to the sentiments expressed in the prayer and praise of each participant, and refer to any Bible passage reading when called upon to do so. Should any of the thoughts so expressed be in line with what you have been meditating, seek to connect these thoughts with what you have been ruminating and recall your ruminations to further express or join the others to lead them into a wider (but more focused) expansion of what the whole congregation is meditating upon. Keep in mind all the time the purpose of the gathering, i.e. to remember the Lord.

On the other hand, if the thoughts of the congregation do not seem to link up with your ruminations, do not insist on using them, but follow what the Spirit is leading the congregation to focus their thoughts upon, and think on these things (Phil 4:8) as the Spirit leads you to do so.

Your ruminations are still good because they have benefited you personally in your preparation. You can keep them to yourself and edify yourself. This is not the time to edify the church. (I Cor.14:4). Do not insist on using them publicly.
To help you in your preparation, these Ruminations will be posted every Thursday (to also help those who observe the Lord’s Supper on Friday in the Malay States in Malaysia) so that you can prepare yourself for the Lord's Supper on the Lord's Day. May this weekly feature make the Lord’s Supper a time of meaningful remembrance of the Lord for you.
Are the weekly Ruminations helpful to you in your preparation to participate at the Lord’s Supper to Remember your Lord as He commanded you? REFLECT.


  1. Appendix:
  2. Why are the Ruminations given in outline form and not in verbatim?

There are two specific reasons for doing this:

  1. To give the Spirit the freedom to tap on and develop the thoughts further to lead you into His thoughts and into the Lord’s mind for your own application so that what is ultimately expressed becomes your own personal contribution and not just borrowed thoughts from others.
  2. To give freedom to students of God’s Word to meditate on the outlines and develop their own thoughts as led by the Spirit to come up with original messages of their own based on what they have been meditating and not just to reproduce messages from others.
  1. Why are they called Ruminations and not Devotions or Meditations?

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Ruminate as:

  1. to think carefully and deeply about something;

to go over in the mind repeatedly and often casually or slowly

  1. of an animal : to bring up and chew again what has already been chewed and swallowed; to chew repeatedly for an extended period

The idea of Rumination is taken from the cow chewing the cud, i.e. to bring up and chew again what has already been chewed and swallowed; to chew repeatedly for an extended period
Hence, it is expected for one using the Rumination to first read it (may be casual at first) - just to have an impression of the main thoughts and what they are all about, like the cow initially swallowing the grass that it grazes. Then in the course of time, as he further thinks and meditates on the thoughts in the time available to him, he slowly goes over these thoughts and waits on the Spirit to see how He develops them for Him, like the cow now (under the shade of a tree) bringing up what it has swallowed earlier to chew again what has already been chewed. He repeats the main thoughts and develops the sub-thoughts and thus, so to speak, he dresses up the skeleton message into the full body of what he has developed to present it as his own contribution. The final message is his own developed with the Spirit’s help and no more borrowed from anyone else!

  1. But why weekly and not daily?

As explained earlier these ruminations are meditations focused on the Lord’s Supper.
They have a different objective compared to the many daily devotions found in the market which are applied to daily Christian living.

  1. Why the Reflections for the Week?

This is a later development from its original intention. Somehow it is sensed that the Ruminations may just prepare believers to be Sunday Christians only. Hence, this is a later development to give food for thought for the week to the Christian how he should be spending the rest of the week as a practising Christian before he attends the Lord’s Supper again. It is also an opportunity to reflect on certain current issues that may be connected with the rumination themes which merit further discussion.
With the above explanatory notes, it is hoped that that the Ruminations and Reflections for the week will be more meaningful and helpful to you in the next ten years to come (Lord willing).

  1. Why the Points to Ponder?
They are the latest addition to the Ruminations to summarise the main thoughts into a succinct sentence to help the person remember them easier.