The Loaves and The Fishes

This refers to the five loaves and two fishes that multiplied in the hands of the disciples after the Lord had blessed them. As the Lord blesses K.C. Ung with His Word and he distributes it to the congregations he speaks to, it is hoped that this same Word will further multiply through them as well as through this website.

From time to time K.C. hopes to post on this website outlines of his messages he gives at various assemblies. They will also include topics for special occasions, like Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc., or even relevant topics as the tsunami tragedy that brought so much havoc recently. All these outlines would be Bible study outlines and friends will be able to use them for their own personal Bible study or even guide them in the preparation of their messages. Hopefully this feature will benefit serious Bible students.

There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes:
but what are they among so many? (Jn. 6:9)

KC is that “lad”. He has with him only “five loaves and two small fishes” – his two hands and his five fingers in each hand to write and type out the messages in this section. They are limited as instruments of sharing with you the thoughts given to him by his Lord. And he does not know what potential fruits they will bring forth when surrendered into His hands for Him, Himself, to hand over the blessed bread and fishes for distribution to others. KC is but His channel, and will just leave it to Him to do what He wants with these messages.

In this section are posted all KC’s sermon and studies outlines in full.

They are outlines of messages which had been actually used in public delivery in KC’s ministry for the Lord as a young Christian to current messages recently delivered. They are not complete and they will be added to from time to time as he finds the time to post them.

They are given in outline form for four reasons:
Only the skeleton of the sermon is given to enable KC to reuse it to fit the circumstances and needs of the hour. When the occasion arises, then only does he put the flesh onto the skeleton. This enables him to repeat or reiterate the message based on the same outline and yet each message is different with additions and subtractions as the need demands.

Because of the skeleton structure of the outline, he is open to the leading of the Spirit each time He uses it. He is not tied down to thoughts previously used.

This format also enables the person wanting to use it to depend on the Spirit to guide him/her into new insights and thoughts that will govern the message to meet the needs of his/her congregation. It will no more be a message taken from KC’s resources but it will be another message from the Lord.

He/she need not have to use the whole message outline. He can use any section of it, as each section is in a way complete in itself. He/she can then develop it into another completely new (well, almost new) message in another direction as the Spirit leads.

Index to Messages
Message Outlines Powerpointt Show Audios
1- Going To and Getting Out of Jerusalem    
2-Moving Back to Jerusalem
3-Back to Jerusalem: Vision and Movement
A Superior Sacrifice - Hebrews chapter 10
Alpha and Omega - Revelations 1:8
Angels & Demons
April Fools Day
Back to Jerusalem - A Study of Nehemiah 11
Building Up A Posterity in Prosperity - Genesis 30   UCK Audio Presentation
Christ In The Genealogy (SNGH)
Christians in Controversy
Christ's Superior Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek - Hebrews chapter 7
Church Discipline - MAL Conference 1998
Easter 2006 - Hands & Feet in Worship at Easter
Easter Studies 1 - The Trial Of The King
Easter Studies 2 - The Triumph Of The King
Esther 7 - Was it Coincidence or Chance?
Ezra Chapter 6 - Rebuilding of the Temple
Family and Famine - Genesis 46 & 47
Fathers' Day 2005 - "To Father With Love: The Way of the Father"
Fathers' Day 2008 - Zacharias, the Father Extraordinaire
From Melita to Rome - Acts 28:1-38
Genealogies of Christ: The Genealogies of The Two Adams (SNGH)
Genealogies of Christ: The Two Genealogies of Jesus (SNGH)
God Governing Governments - The Christian's Civil Rights in Politics
Good Friday 2006 - The Lamb That Was Slain
Grandparents Day!? - A PowerPoint Show for Grandparents
Habakkuk - A Study Outline
Jerusalem Study 1: Going to and Getting out of Jerusalem
Jerusalem Study 2: Moving Back to Jerusalem
Jerusalem Study 3: The Back to Jerusalem Vision & Movement
Journey to Melitus - Acts 20:1-38
Judgment At The Great White Throne - Study 2 on the Biblical Judgments   UKC Audio Presentation
Judgment Seat of Christ - Study 1 on the Biblical Judgments  
Learning to Listen
Lovest thou Me
2006 Mothers' Day on the Lord's Day - "Behold"
2008 Mothers' Day - Elisabeth, the Exemplary Mother  
Mary Magdalene
Mothers' Day 2009 - The Four Mothers In Jesus' Lineage
Mothers' Day 2005 - Part 1: The Role & Responsibilities of, and Respect for, the Mother / Part 2: The Relationship of the Mother
2006 New Year Message - Celebration & Commemoration
2006 New Year Message - Four Men In 2 Timothy 4
Old is Gold Series Part 1 - A PowerPoint Show
Old is Gold Series Part 2 - Psalm 71 - The Golden Psalm
Old is Gold Series Part 1 (Elim GH) - A PowerPoint Show  
Old is Gold Series Part 2 (Elim GH) - The Golden Psalm  
Parable of the Ten Virgins
Parable Of The Workers In The Vineyard - Matt. 20:1-16
Prison, Pharoah, and Providence - Genesis 39,40  
Psalm 71 (Elim GH) - The Golden Psalm  
Song of Songs - The Mating in Elevated Love
Song of Songs - The Marriage of Elevated Love
Song of Songs - The Maturation of Elevated Love
Song of Songs - Conclusion & Epilogue
Songs in the Night (Song 1) - To Be Or Not To Be
Spirit of Caleb  
Stewardship (Part2) of Sacrifice  
Stewardship (Part 1) of Service
The "Wherein"s in Malachi One
The Builders on the Wall - A Study of Nehemiah 3
The Commended Ministry of Paul & Barnabas - Acts 14:1-28
The Confirmation of the Abrahamic Covenant - Genesis 15
The Glory of God's Temple - Haggai 2:1-9
The Labour And The Rewards - Matt. 20:1-28
The Promised Seed
The Rapture - The 2nd Coming of Christ in Thessalonians I - Study 1   UKC Audio Presentation
The Revelation - The 2nd Coming of Christ in Thessalonians I & II - Study 2   UKC Audio Presenation
The Revelation - The 2nd Coming of Christ in Thessalonians II - Study 3
The Sabbatical Year - Leviticus 25:1-7
The Sepulchre
The Still Small Whisper in the Stormy Tsunami Waves
The Taunting and the Treaty - Study on Genesis 21
The Three Mothers
The Three Mothers Named Mary
The Three Single Marys
The Way of the Father: Study 1 - Jeroboam & Nadab
The Way of the Father: Study 2 - Jehoshaphat
The Year of Jubilee - Leviticus 25:8-55
Unto You Is Born A Saviour - 2005 Christmas Message
What WIll It Cost Me ........... To Love God? - Study No.1 on The Book of Malachi
World Cup - The Lord's Eleven
Zooming In On Zechariah - Chapter 1, Visions 1&2
Zooming In On Zechariah - Chapters 2-4, Visions 3-5
Zooming In On Zechariah - Chapters 5-6, Visions 6-8