Assembly History Archives
UKC's Call After his Commendation Pt. 2: Notes
Powerpoint Show
UKC's testimony of his Call after his commendation on 16 Oct. 1996 on its 20th Anniversary. (BRGH)
UKC's Call Before his Commendation Pt. 1: Notes
Powerpoint Show
UKC's testimony of his Call before his commendation on 16 Oct. 1996 on its 20th Anniversary. (BRGH)
Commencement of Assembly Work in Penang: Was it in 1960? An article by Colin Tan in the Souvenir Programme for the Dedication and Thanksgiving Service of the Burmah Road Gospel Hall New Building on 23rd November. 2013.
Mission Trip to South India - Dec. 25, 2008 to Jan. 8, 2009 Written Report
Mission Trip to South India - Dec. 25, 2008 to Jan. 8, 2009 Pictorial Report
Itinerary - South India Mission Team Trip Itinerary Summary
Courtallum Itinerary Powerpoint Slide Show
150th Anniversary of Assemby Testimony - May 28, 2005 Index to Events, Articles & Photos
Seminar on Church Government at Kledang Community Chapel Photos
K.C.'s Field Trip To Shanghai & Neighbouring Areas Report
Visit to Amity Printing Company, Nanjing Photos
Fond Memories of Leper Colony in Pulau Jerejak The Star Online Newspaper - December 29, 2005
Commencement of Assembly Work in Penang Was it 1819? 1846? 1855? 1859? - An article from the Editorial of The ECHOS, a Missionary Prayer Bulletin Vol. 9, No. 4 (April-June, 2006) by K.C. Ung
Church Discipline A Response Paper Presented at the Malaysian Assembly Leaders' Conference, July 16-18, 1998 at Hotel Excelsior, Ipoh
Easter Conference at Bethesda Hall, AMK, Singapore - April 14 & 16, 2006 Photos
Images of Singapore on Sentosa Island - April 17, 2006 Photos
GLO May-June 2006 Photos
GLO August 7-11,2006 Photos
Asia Pacific Brethren Conference on Missions 2006 Photos
Farquhar St. Mission House & Chapel Extract from "Understanding the History and Heritage of our Assemby"
History of Butterworth Gospel Hall Historical report at 40th Anniversary
History of Sungei Nibong Gospel Hall 10th and 20th Anniversary reports
History of Island Glades Gospel Center Silver Anniversary Celebration
"A Brief History of Nonconformist Protestantism in Penang & the Mission House at 35 Farquhar Street" A draft article by Jean DeBernardi submitted to "The Penang Story, Volume 2"
History of Kepong Gospel Chapel 30th Anniversary report
History of Temerloh Gospel Chapel "My Mission in Mentakab" - 40th Anniversary report


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